Breathwork Testimonials

I will never be the same! I was hesitant to do Breathwork because it was new and unknown to me. James' professional manner and confident presence enabled me to enter into and release, anger and fear that I had held my whole life. I also felt loved, (a quality I don't often associate with therapeutic work) and held in sacred space as James companioned me in this process. The combination of guided breathing, evocative music and James' presence was truly a life altering mixture. I am deeply grateful. Edward Colley M.A.
Victoria, B.C. Canada

In my breathwork sessions with James, I can actually feel energy circulate and move throughout my body. Old patterns, believes and limited thinking dissolve.

James infuses an energy and power into his Breathwork sessions that facilitate deep integration and release on a profound level. I can actually feel my body resonate at a higher vibrancy level.

Often, self-acceptance can be one of the most difficult things to achieve. This process can be accelerated and supported in a loving and safe way through guided breath in the hands of a gifted and masterful practitioner. James is this person and has been practicing his art to a level of attunement and ease that makes self-love an effortless breath of release.

Or as Roger Ebert would say:

Enlivening, empowering, transcending, rejuvenating, exhilarating....a must do experience!


James, thanks so much for the opportunity to experience your innovative combination of healing techniques. I know that sometimes my biggest problem is knowing when to get out of my own way, and I appreciate your strength, and your ability to really push me while at the same time honoring my needs and boundaries. Your direct and targeted approach was intense in just the way that I needed to finally begin to break up my blocks and create real change in my life. All I can say is "Wow!"

Moon (Laura)
Freelance writer

Soft Shiatsu and Massage Testimonials


This was very relaxing and peaceful interesting work. Everyone should do this on a regular basis. Thank you very much!
-Dusty B.

Wonderful! A lot of wonderful energy in James’ touch Very Strong intuition.
-Diane D.

Extremely relaxing. I felt like a lump of jello. This modality really works the connective tissue, muscles and joints on a deep level.
-Cristl A.

Incredible continuous touch – I felt my body moved like a sponge. I appreciate the breathing work and the correction/attention to problem area.
-Donna I.

As if being baby again/ allowed to be breathed for/ like being in water at times/
Like being in space at times weightless/ Angel heart initiation at the end time/
Tension was just not released but redirected somewhere else.
—Darlyne M.

I was feeling “tight” in my lower back and it felt like something unlocked.
It was great.
—Barbara P.


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