Ca Massage License #7955


I offer two styles of massage;

one influenced from the west on a massage table

and one from east on a shiatsu mat with loose fitting cloths.


Benefits of Massage

· Deep Relaxation
· Improve Muscle Tone
· Stress and Pain Reduction
· Increased blood and lymph circulation
· Increased mobility and flexibility of muscle and fascia
· Deeper and more effective Breathing
· Peace of Mind



Swedish, Deep, Sports, Trigger point, Positional Release


The benefits of this traditional western massage are mostly directed towards the physical
aspects of the body, (muscles, fascia, joints, tendons etc.) The soothing sensation of massage
increases parasympathetic activity within the body (slows heart rate, lowers blood pressure,
increases digestion) and decreases sympathetic activity (the flight or fight syndrome).
Parasympathetic massage brings balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic
nervous system that reduces stress and pain allowing the body to rest and rejuvenate.


Soft Shiatsu

The intention of a traditional Chinese Soft Shiatsu is to bring balance to your
life force energy known as “chi” in China. Pressure is applied to different (tsubos) points
along the meridian system supporting the flow of chi. There are twelve major meridians
and eight extra channels. The governing and conception meridians are two of the extra
channels that connect the seven pairs of yin and yang meridians. The practitioner and
the client create a temparary bond or connection during the massage allowing the client
to go into deep relaxation while the practitioner balances the full and empty points along
the meridians.






Ca Massage License #7955